Do Print Colors Matter in Your Business?​

Do Print Colors Matter in Your Business?​

Studies have long proven how colors affect human behavior and psychological processes. Colors influence our moods, feelings, memories—and even buying choices. In fact, colors can even be the main reason why people buy products. A survey revealed that 93 percent of customers focus on visual appearance. On the other hand, about 85 percent claim that color is one of the biggest motivations when they make a purchase.

Color Psychology in Marketing

Color Psychology is heavily implemented in both digital and print marketing. Most businesses choose to use colors that they believe will improve customers’ awareness of their brand and encourage them to buy their products. Have you seen a sale or discount notice that isn’t in bold red colors? Here’s how colors influence your consumers:

  • Red. Commonly associated with excitement and a sense of urgency, thus making it good for clearance sales. You can also notice that red is frequently used by fast-food chains. Red is believed to encourage appetite. Red is also linked to love, passion, warning, and aggression.
  • Orange. Symbolizes youth, wisdom, vitality and humor. Orange is a combination of the high-energy color red and the emotionally upbeat yellow. It is a good color to use for attracting kids and youth to participate in activities. It is also associated with warmth and autumn season.
  • Yellow. Represents hope, happiness, friendliness and competence. Yellow symbolizes optimism, creativity and affordability. It is also associated with caution and is often used together with black in traffic signs and school buses.
  • Green. The color of nature. Green symbolizes health, passion, and tranquility. It also represents safety, prosperity and good fortune. It is a relaxing and soothing color and is often used in promoting environmental issues or health products.
  • Blue. The masculine color. Blue is linked with peace, reliability, tranquility, efficiency and security. It is also associated with low stress and pulse rate. Blue stimulates productivity and gives a sense of security. It is commonly used by brands who want to promote trust in their products or services such as banks.
  • Purple. Associated with wisdom, royalty, luxury and dignity. It communicates a sense of worth and quality. It is often used to promote beauty and anti-aging products.
  • Pink. It is a fun color that symbolizes joyfulness, sweetness, playfulness, and love. Light pink represents kindness and harmony, while hot pink signifies passion and flirtatiousness. It is used a lot in chic, feminine products. However, contrary to some opinions, it’s not just a color for women.
  • Black. Signifies power, strength, security, stability and coldness. Black is often viewed as the color of mystery, evil, and death. It is also a symbol of intelligence, sophistication, elegance, luxury, sexuality, and authority.
  • White. Perceived as pure and delicate. It is also associated with cleanliness, safety perfection and goodness. White is a blank slate and is good in spurring creativity.

Understanding what each color conveys is essential in creating a suitable color scheme for your company. Whether it is digital or print marketing, colors help a lot in your advertising campaigns. It increases brand recognition, represents the personality of the brand, and sets the tone of how consumers feel about a company.

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