How to Find The Right Printing Company For Your Brand​​

How to Find The Right Printing Company For Your Brand​​

​Choosing the right printing company for your brand is very important. The fact is, your physical marketing collateral will leave a lasting impression on your targets. If the quality is compromised, your reputation would pay for it. Beyond the cost and quality, it is also very important to find a flexible print company which can deliver high-quality service at fair turnaround times. Below is a guide that will help you select an excellent printer.

1. Look for printing services in your vicinity

Before considering printing companies that are miles away from your company or online print services that are far away, you should look for excellent printers in your area or the neighboring city. If your business is in Simi Valley, find a printer in Ventura County, a Thousand Oaks printer, or Agoura Hills printerThis way, you would be able to closely investigate and monitor the quality and process of their printing service.

2. Visit their facilities

Schedule a meeting with the printing company and visit their facilities. The quality of their facilities will reflect on how their finished product will turn out. See their printing process, talk to the staff and ask questions if necessary. Are they meticulous with their work? Are they using the latest printing technologies? You should also meet the person who would potentially handle your project and ensure you have a great rapport with each other.

3. Ensure they deliver what you need

Make sure that the print company has the capability to deliver the product you require. Can they print posters, flyers, leaflets, newsletters, stickers and more? Do they have the right printer format? Can they deliver what your company needs in an acceptable timeframe? Is their price within your budget? They should also be easy to talk to and have the flexibility to respond to your requests.

4. Check the quality of their work

Request finished samples of graphics they designed and how they came out on the printer. You can also look at samples on their website, but it is better to check actual physical copies. This way, you can check the quality of their paper stock and prints. Does it have ink smudges? Are the images blurry? Are there typos on the text? Don’t sacrifice quality and choose a printer that offers value for your investment.

5. Ensure that they have high-level customer service

You will need to communicate with your printer for the entirety of your marketing project so you want someone who understands your needs, takes time to answer your queries, and listens to your suggestions. If there are any discrepancies on the printing requirements, they should be able to communicate with you before making any changes. Ensure that they are open, honest, and maintain friendly communications.

6. Investigate their reputation among their former clients

The best way to know if they have what it takes to help you propel your brand is to look for their previous clientele. Look at the reviews on their websites or see what their clients are saying in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Reviews are a good way to determine their credibility. You should also not hesitate to ask for references and give a call to their previous clients to ask about their experiences during their cooperation.

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