Printing Ideas to Boost Your Business in 2019​

Printing Ideas to Boost Your Business in 2019​

Print is a dying industry—that’s not true. Yes, print has suffered quite the hit due to the internet age, yet it is also the digital age that is currently revitalizing the print media. People are oversaturated with digital marketing that they find print a breath of fresh air—more engaging and less annoying. Print is also being used increasingly in tandem with technology. QR codes, for example, are becoming the staple in posters. Print is steadily making a comeback as a critically important part of marketing. What’s more, they are less expensive and very effective. Here are some print marketing ideas that can help grow your business.​

Beautiful Postcards

Why not make your advertisement into beautiful collectibles? Postcards were once used to write to your friends and loved ones while on vacations. Some people also collect postcards of places they have been to or want to go to. However, postcards have evolved to be effective advertising tools. They can be sent through direct mails, magazine inserts or by displaying them on tables and counters. Postcards are highly adaptable for all sorts of promotions. They are also less obtrusive. If customers receive a postcard they will feel like it’s a gift rather than an advertisement.

Direct Mail

While the majority of email advertising ends up getting deleted without getting read, direct mail has high reader engagement. A recent study revealed that direct mail outperforms other digital channels by nearly 600%. The facts are 79 percent of consumers prefer reading direct mail than emails and 81 percent of recipients read their mail daily. There are a lot of things you can send through mails such as personalized greeting cards, newsletters, or simple information about your business along with a QR code to your website.

Creative Stickers

Stickers are long-time marketing favorites. For decades they have been helping businesses establish their brands and gain visibility to the public. Stickers nowadays are no longer just for car bumpers. They can be applied a lot of surfaces—windows, refrigerators, tables, water bottles, even laptops, phones and other gadgets. The key is creating a unique and creative design that people would love to stick everywhere.


Let’s face it. Nine out ten flyers end up to the trash can without as much as a quick glance. But put a promotional voucher or coupon code at the bottom and at it will be guarded at all costs. People just love getting discounts or freebies. This is a good way to inform people about your business and increase your customers.

Mini-Comic Books

Comics are all-time favorites of people of all ages. Unsurprisingly, it is also a very effective way of advertising, especially during a time when comic books are all the rage. Why not create a mini-comic series featuring characters that represent your brand and distribute it as a freebie for customers. You can also add it to your website and make the printed version a premium item for high-paying customers. If you create fun storyline, your customers might even buy your products solely for your comics.

If you create beautiful designs and strategize effectively, you’ll find yourself getting a large boost in sales with print advertising. Integrate it with your digital marketing campaigns, and it would even be more powerful.

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