Why Does Your Business Need a Quality Printing Service?​

Why Does Your Business Need a Quality Printing Service?​

In today’s era, digital marketing is all the rage. It’s not costly, and its reach can easily encompass the other side of the world. It is endlessly glorified as the present and future of advertising. Meanwhile, print is reduced to nothing but a relic of the past—a dying industry. Or so they say.

However, even though print is well past its prime, it not dead by any means. In fact, print can even prove to be more effective than digital marketing, especially for local businesses. Marketing campaigns integrating print and digital media are also powerful in rallying consumer engagement and boosting sales.

Print marketing in the digital era

Everyone has that experience of happily browsing the web when an obtrusive ad suddenly pops up at the screen. Sometimes it’s not even a static image, but a looped video making the internet connection very slow. It is very annoying. People are so oversaturated by digital advertising that it does not produce the desired effect. On the other hand, people generally find print advertisements very refreshing.

One example of an underestimated but efficient print marketing strategy is direct mail. A study found that while most emails end up to the trash folder without getting opened, 80-90% of direct mail is read and engaged with. Another research revealed direct mail receives seven times more responses than all digital channels combined.

Local businesses, especially, are finding better ways to increase their return of investment through print and digital media integration. Physical visibility is the key to connect with people in local areas. By presenting your business in attractive colors and fonts to where your targets walk, every passerby can be your new customer. For example, posters embedded with barcodes or QR codes are found to be exceptional tools in increasing your sales and website views.

Partnering with a quality printing service

If you have decided to make print a part of your regular marketing campaigns, you need to find a quality printing service that can help you shoulder your burdens and work with you towards your deadlines. An excellent corporate print company won’t only need to have essential knowledge in print media. They should be able to take care of all of your needs.

You also should find a printing partner that has a great understanding of your local culture and customer behavior. For instance, if your business is concentrated in Simi Valley, printersfrom the same area are the best option to create marketing strategies that will hit the heart of your locals.

Corporate Graphics & Print is the first to consider if you are looking for a Simi Valley printer or other local Ventura County printerAt Corporate Graphics & Print, we do not just provide our clients with ink and paper. Our project management solutions help companies create custom workflows, manage digital assets, and deliver print and media campaigns using proven methods. We closely follow design trends to make only the best for your brand and are dedicated to achieving results that exceed your expectations.